Energetic Self-Defense

Maahaah-Hsiu, Tai Ju-Jitsu is the energetic self-defense aspect of the Maahaah-Rooh System.  It combines classical Ju-Jitsu and combative Tai-Chi Chuan along with elements from other internal gung-fu (kung-fu) systems like Honan Hsing-I and Wing Chun as well as weapons training Iai-Jitsu (Toyama Ryu), Kali and Arnis.  An important aspect to this training is Qi or Ki development, so there is great amount of training in Qi Gong, and Pranayama (breathing exercises).


Our classes offer a complete martial (self-defense) system dedicated to each individual's needs.  Students’ progress at their own pace, experience and ability.


The ranking system is very stream lined.  All students study the same techniques.  The difference between a beginner and an advanced practitioner is their proficiency.


Maahaah-Rooh System Ranks:

  1) Beginner,         white-belt

  2) Intermediate, red-belt

  3) Advanced,       black-belt (four levels or degrees)

  4) Instructor,      black-belt (fifth level)