Professor K. A. Shakoor

Professional Info.

Professor K.A. Shakoor has 50 years of experience in the fields of energetic and internal martial arts and more than twenty-five as an instructor.  He has successfully taught a diverse group of students in a wide range of settings, he has conducted classes, in-service training and demonstrations at educational institutions (public and private), mental health facilities, hospitals, government and law enforcement agencies, private groups, clubs, and sports teams.  Shakoor has spearheaded and worked with organizations that planned and promoted health fairs and health seminars in various communities in Michigan and Florida.  Prof. Shakoor is an active Professional Member of the National Qi-Gong Assoc. (NQA) and insured under Namasta.


Healing Arts


   1)  Masters in Acupuncture (MAOM, Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine)

   2)  Basic Shamta Meditation,  ongoing under Lama Losang (Dr. David Bole)
   3)  Mudlack (Ph.D. equivalent) (15 years Sufi Healing Practices, private tutelage under Machmoud
         Salam and Ibrahim Muyhee)

   4)  Master Level Reiki (Usui Shiki Ryoho, private tutelage under Pamela Scott)

   5)  Doctor or Master Level (Ruh Ka Prana Chi Society private tutelage under Prof. Karim Darwish)
   6)  Qi-Gong (3 years private study with Dr. Qian Yang)


Internal and Energetic Systems


   1)  3rd Degree Black Belt Tai Chi Chuan - Chin-Na - Master George Shu and Sifu Roger Wohletz -
         White Dragon Federation

   2)  Instructor’s Certificate (Yang) Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu Roger Wohletz - White Dragon Federation

   3)  Kriya Yoga - Taoist Yoga - Wu Shu - (Seven Years, Private) - Sifu Kenneth Parker

   4)  Chen Tai Chi - Tai Chi Sword - (Three Years, Private) - Sifu Nihon Yang

   5)  Yang Tai Chi (Basics) - (One Year, Private) - The late Master Bey Wali


Internal Martial Arts


   1)  6th Degree Black Belt (Honorary) Wu Shu - Sifu Kenneth Parker
   2)  2nd Degree Black Wing Chun-Jitsu - Sifu Kenneth Parker
   3)  6th degree black belt Aiki-Jitsu - World Black Belt Association, Nafsirrruh Style

   4)  6th degree black belt Bomani Ju-Jitsu - Grandmaster Seyku Bomani

   5)  3rd degree black belt Vee-Jitsu Te - Professor Florindo Visitation

   6)  3rd degree black belt Bomani Judo - Grandmaster Seyku Bomani

   7)  2nd degree black belt Aikido - Katsumi Niikura Sensei


Shakoor also studied Iaido with John Viol Sensei 1st kyu (Toyama Ryu), three years with coach Terry Burney -Muay Thai and Kriya Yoga, nine months with Sifu William Clark Wing Chun Do, one year studying basics of African Martial Arts, Maulana Chaio, twenty years off-and-on studying many systems and styles mainly discussing theory with professor Karim Darwish, one year with a teacher who only went by Sifu Ed, also studied basics of Wing Chun.


Formal Education


   1)  2010-2013 - Dragon Rises College of Oriental Medicine, double Master's Degree candidate

   2)  1997-2005 - Detroit Police Academy, Certificate of Chaplaincy And Police Academy Trainer

   3)  1988-89 - Wayne State University, Professional Certificates in Substance Abuse

   4)  1975 - University of Michigan Dearbor, B.A. (Philosophy and Psychology)

   5)  1974 - Wayne County Community College, A.A.



 The National Qi-Gung Association

Internal Exercises

Hatha-Yoga (Maahaah)

  -  Wild Goose

  -  Baguazhang

  -  Hsing-I

  -  Tai Chi Ch'uan (Yang)




Tai Chi Ch'uan

Hsing-I (Honan)

2010 - present

2010 - present