Energetic Exercises Practices

This system teaches a series of physical postures that promote internal health, opening meridians and energy channels in the body, strengthening muscles, increasing lung capacity, heping blood pressure and calming the mind. It is taught in a series of rhythmic patterns; meditative, slow, flow, aerobic, and power. There are seven different sets that encompass a series of yogic postures (or asanas). All of these sets are a result of a creative combination of Yoga styles from all over the world.


Hatha Yoga is a general term for physical fitness Yoga. There are several styles of yoga that have evolved over 5000 years. Yoga is one of the elements employed under Ayurvedic Medicine. Hatha Yoga is said to date back to circa 150 A.D. It is known as the “forceful or determined effort yoga.” The two words are derived from combining the Sanskrit roots “Ha” referring to solar or masculine polar aspect, “Ta” meaning lunar or feminine polar aspect and “Yug” meaning yoke, bind, -to direct one’s attention to, to use and apply. The two terms together denote the unification of opposite, or the balancing of positive and negative energy for the purpose of making the body fit. In this yoga practice, the union or reintegration of opposing forces occurs, the mind and body can reintegrate and restore balance.

Tai-Chi Ch'uan

Known as the “grand ultimate exercise” considered by some as “mediation in motion,” this soft or non-combative form of martial arts is believed to have a history spanning over 15 centuries. It is low-impact and is the most widely practiced form of exercise in the world by the young and not-so-young.



There are several thousand different exercises found under this Chinese system of medicine and healing arts. It predates Tai Chi Ch’uan, in that it is believed to be over 2,000 years old. It is the foundation for Tai Chi Ch'uan. Passive Qi-Gong shares many of the therapeutic potentials akin to meditation. Active Chi Kung shares many of the therapeutic potentials akin to Tai’ Chi Ch'uan.

Qi-Gong exercises have therapeutic potentials comparable to Tai Chi Chuan and Yoga.


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